Sun      8/19/2018 Day 1 Band Camp @ BCHS   BCHS Field              12-8:00pm      
                                    Band & Family Band Camp Dinner @ BCHS    4:30pm-6pm       

Mon      8/20/2018  Band / Color Depart for Camp Greenlane                8:00am

Thurs   8/23/2018  Parent/Guardian/Friend/Alumni @ Camp Greenlane  6:30-8pm

Fri         8/24/2018  Band / Color Return from Camp Greenlane               12:00 noon          

Thurs   8/30/2018     Band Performance - Opening Day BCHS Band Rm 8:00am



Dear Friends and Fellow BCHS Blue Devils Music Department Alumni,

Thinking back on our time as proud students at BCHS it is hard to choose a favorite memory. We may have been a small school, but we were always big at heart. That heart was evident in so many facets of our school spirit and pride as we supported so many of our teams and auxiliaries. For us, this was never truer than as a member of the BCHS Music Department.

We were part of an organization that endeavored to educate and inspire its students not only to be great musicians but, more importantly, exemplary human beings. An organization that worked to push the limits of our potential while invoking a spirit of love, respect, charity, and a sense of community that would not only enrich us but condition us for college and the world beyond.  So many of the lessons and experiences we gleaned from our time with the BCHS Music department empowered us to become mentors and leaders in our respective communities. 

In the spirit of that same love, respect, and sense of community that built us into the adults we are today, we greet you and offer a chance to give of yourself to give back to the organization that mean so much to so many of us.

With the assistance of David Thomas May, Director of music at BCHS, we are looking to establish the BCHS Blue Devils Music Alumni Association. This organization will look to provide an avenue to all past and future alumni who are looking to sew back into their community and enable opportunities for so many talented and hardworking students to continue to receive the same inspiration we captured so long ago.

This fall will mark the 20th anniversary of the BCHS Blue Devil Marching Band winning our first ever Marching Band Championship! In honor of this memorable occasion we cordially invite all of you to come celebrate and share with us in the BCHS Blue Devils Music Alumni tent at our annual Blue Devils Classic on Saturday, September 24th, 2016 at 6pm. It is a great opportunity to reconnect and network with old friends, network, and learn more about how you can support our cause.

If you are unable to attend the Blue Devils classic but would like to be a founding member of the association, please send us an email to Once we have received enough interest we will set a date for our first organizational meeting. We looking forward to hearing from you.


Darryl S. Thompson, Jr.

John D. Cajio

Cara Caruso

Jessica Klama